Is better this language or this other language for the future?

Posted by admin on November 01, 2017
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The future, the future, how many times must one read this question? It’s asked several times a week, as much as I can remember. One never know, really, what will happen in the future. Nothing is certain, machine learning exists since the 70’s and is until right now that is catching heap.

In the las two years things has change dramatically, the 90% of the data in the cloud is from the las two years compared against all history of mankind.

Don’t marry some language. Don’t preoccupied yourself what will happend in the future, instead focus in the fundamentals. The fundamentals will never change, the fundamental value is provide value to others, is solving problems, and that you can do with php, java o even cobol, still in this very day cobol programmers are wanted.

Do not fear. Be bold. Code in the language you like most, in the language you’re more productive, provide value, solutions, the principles for programming are the same in every platform, in every so’s, in every language.

Focus in understand the fundamentals, in abstract thought, in the architecture, in the engineering, in the efficient communication of ideas and information, write neat elegant bullet proof code, the language matters not much, do it every day and you will never be out of work.

Become an expert in the field you choose, and you will be just fine. Return something to the community and help others achieve success, and you will be successful. Be bold. Be constant. Be great.

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